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    Hi everyone. So sorry that I haven’t done an update for so long. Various people have nagged me in Xmas letters so I thought I’d do a swift update and then write a little more in the next week or so. I am fine at the moment, and not due back to see the consultant until very early Feb. Also, I have just been told that my retirement to ill-health has been approved, which frankly I wasn’t expecting. It won’t be much, but will remove me from this strange limbo state and make me officially retired. I can move into the retired teachers’ section of the NUT!!

    It is a bit sad in a way, but I will have to move on and make a new life for myself. I have been very active with my TU and political work, but can’t spend all my time in front of the computer and sending angry letters to the paper! So I must find other creative outlets which I do for my own pleasure (or so says my psychologist, and I think she’s right).

    BTW, there was a very good article in the Guardian the other day by a guy who is a journalist, left-winger, my age and myeloma sufferer. I wish I could have written something as good. It’s about the constant use of war imagery in the fight against cancer and the need to empower patients: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/dec/29/war-fight-cancer-empowering-patient. Please read it if you have time.

    There are lots of family issues to keep me occupied too, with Tom and Jem getting married in Feb, Bob’s Nan reaching 100 shortly and sadly, the illness of his dad (asbestosis).

    I haven’t got time for more right now, but will try to write more soon. Keep well and have a good 2010!

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  • Dear Sarah,
    I just wanted tp say hi and introduce myself. I’ve found it fascinating to read your blog. I’m the same age as you, have myeloma, have had a transplant in November ’08 and am doing well at the moment. I’m also an ex-teacher and trying to adjust to the loss of my career. I live in Scotland, both in the Highlands and in Edinburgh. However I travel to London occasionally. The last time I went was a few weeks ago with my husband: one of his short stories had been used as a basis for a play -‘The Fahrenheit Twins’ and we had an amazing night out at the Barbican. I’m contacting you for two reasons. I’m curious about treatment options in London and have wondered whether in the long run we might have to shift there. I don’t know whether there is a large enough myeloma population in Scotland to give me access to the best treatments. Secondly I’m also facing a period of re-adjustment and have embarked on a number of creative projects. I guess it could be productive to have contact with someone who is looking at how to spend their time post teaching. I wish you all the best – if you’d like to have some contact with me please let me know.

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